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The Studio of Creation
David R Askem

David is a renowned creative engineer, set and stage designer, artist, screen writer and producer 

Media Productions

Producer, writer , designer

David has lend his skills in various short productions of science  fiction 


His work has covered the globe with his own unique vision to create “normal “ technology into an art form.

A life time of developing skills and vision which he brings to all of his Studio

From his Media work involvement in various productions to stage and set design and his passion for creation

Designing bespoke commissions for clients to creating set designs and building fully functioning cinematic props as used in film,

but also television

In addition within his studio other creations are developed. costumes for stage as well as Scifi apocalyptic space troopers or cosplay inspired outfits


His creations are not only tailored to usable technology, but his vision translate to the written word. With published books of fantasy and adventure to ghost writing for various other authors


David  brings his own vision in much of what he does, but adds such a unique style to bring his work to the pinnacle of design and fashion


David’s work varied hugely as inspiration took him in different directions. Travel followed along with various experiences which has propelled him forward within the create arts.

Now he has turned his passion towards creating and designing unique works of “Tech Art” that bring an industrial retro style into the 21st century

Vintage retro technology with a modern  twist



David's creations and designs have found their way into hotels, offices, law firms, home, gamers as well as stage, television and film.

Many carry that Steampunk Victorian feel, But he also specialize in an industrial look, classic, high end and many other styles including science fiction 

David is always developing ways to increase his range of products, From Movie props, to home design and of course for ever improving the retro technology for the home computer or laptop and business

And each and every item is unique to each client.

Plus its not just retro technology and television props that David creates, he also writes, co/writes and produces film works

If you would like to have commissioned one of his unique products for yourself, or for corporate use - please contact  direct via the email.


Every unit he creates whether its a digital camera or a computer keyboard carries it own very unique number, but in addition to this, many of the units can be upgraded in time to meet the changes in technology

David R Askem
Media Productions
In Association
Darkside Media

Commissioning your own unique piece

email  at


Ghost Writer, Author
David has ghost written for various authors

The adventures of Kyle Roberts 1 to 3
The Photogenic Children
Producer of shorts
Co/writer Valoria of the galaxy 

With screenplays to his credits

As well as many others written as a ghost writer

Commissioned Writer
With various credits to his name David has written high profile works for events, shows, expos as well as private commissions

Various magazine articles covering events, shows and competition as well as monthly slots in various published magazines

Impact promotional designer
Main high street brands.
The design and construction of High impact promotions

The Creative arts and theater
The Mantis Dance company
Stage and Theatre
On set tech assistants, On set operator,
Stills photography of various actors on set

Creative Engineer. designer, prop builder
His work has appeared all over the world in various expos including
The US, Canada, Germany, Spain, Holland, Italy, France. Japan, the UK
as well as many other locations

Movie  Television and Media 
David designs stage and set props 
as well as
Production, design, Screen writer 

Private and business commissions
Many of his private commissions have made it across the world. From New Zealand to the US, Canada plus England, France, Germany, Austria and many others.
Custom built commissions completely unique to each client including very unique designs for A-list celebrities, Industry and private works


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