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Custom Retro Design
The Studio of
David R Askem

Stunning Bespoke designs built uniquely for you

Here are some examples of commissions and stock that has been created for various clients all over the world. Each and every commission is uniquely built and materials carefully collected and arranged to bring the best possible finish.

With all creations they are built to look superb and function brilliantly

The Revolutionary

steapunk keyboard
steampunk keyboard

The Revolutionary Keyboard is really one of a kind. Built on an excellent chassis this keyboard has been carefully constructed to the highest of standards. The wooden end plates have been sourced from a historical vessel that was under refurbishment and have been carefully crafted onto the unit. The Supporting tubes are real brass that gives this creation a real strong feel. The keypads are Bronze with the unique Custom Retro Design font design in a classic English text. To finish its covered in a leather like material that not only feels great but is long lasting.

The Lux Keyboard

Steampunk keyboard

The Lux Keyboard is really an amazing setup.

An all in one unit

Based on a hybrid "beats" keyboard with backlight that beats to your music or game play it is also programmable for different lighting patterns.

Webcam, speakers, USB hub as well as vintage styled storage boxes for your USB (Zip) drives all built in as well as a palm rest.

Finished is with laminated teak, wooden end plates and bronze fittings.

This will make your home setup stand apart from anything else.

The AeroMech


The AeroMech Keyboard

This amazing bluetooth keyboard carries a style all of its own.

Gold coloured Keypads with Custom Retro Designs  old English font

The surface has been carefully coated with a vintage styled fabric. The end plates are of wooden construction with Steampunk styled gears that turn.

The Aeropods are bronze fitted out with copper coiled wire. Bonded together with vintage styled tubes.

Style and function in one complete package

How to order
your own unique commission

See a design you like, Contact me to have your very own version commissioned
Tell me what you are looking for and lets create something unique for you

Personal commissions completely unique

Functioning Tech Art at its best

The FDL and FDLS models


The FDL and The FDLS models

These two carry their own styles

Based on the same excellent chassis but finished in their own unique manner these keyboards are styles and function brilliantly

The FDLS is finished in silver and black. A great combination of colours. The silver surface is steel and very strong. Back lighting adds an extra element.

The FDL has the same steel surface, but finished in gold with real teak palm rests.

Both with mice to match the styling

Laptops and Mac's

steampunk laptop

Retro Laptop

steampunk laptop

Retro Laptop

Laptops and Mac's

Have a laptop or mac styled for you. A complete unique one of a kind and go anywhere device that will stand out from the crowed .

Many designs possible that look very classy and function brilliantly







Tough by design, Tough by nature

Why not have your own personal toughbook design for you.

These creations still carry the toughbooks strong design yet they are styled to make them stand apart from any other

Bronze keypads, Laminated wooden finishes to bright coloured decor

The choice is yours

Home Computing

steampunk computer

PC Setups

steampunk computer
typewriter 2.jpg

Thermaltake 900

typewriter 4.jpg

Other designs and creations


David Askem

Mice, Webcams, digital cameras


Home setups

Powerful towers


retro keyboard
gaming mouse

The Mech mouse

steampunk webcam

Vintage Webcam

steampunk lamp

Steampunk Lamp

steampunk keyboard
steampunk mice

The ZF range

Unique Commissions

Whether its for the office or home have David create your very own bespoke setup
Available for
Business, Office
TV and Film Props
Gaming setups
Editing setups
and much much more

tesla steampunk keyboard

The Edison

Unique Designs

Looking for something completely different

Whether its a show piece for your business or expo

A one of a kind unique piece to wow your clients and guests

Retro technology but with a twist

Or display a piece of working art

Contact Custom Retro Design for your very own unique creation


The Navigator

steampunk keyboard

Mechanical Gold


The Victorian pointer device


The Classic Retro

digital camera

Vintage Webcam


The Mechanical Gold

How to order

Its simple

Chose a design and email me direct to have your own custom creation

If you can't find a design for you

email me and lets build one together

steapunk keyboard
typewriter 3.jpg
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