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Ultimate gaming keyboards

Awesome hand made custom built keyboards for PC, desktop Xbox .

Be the envy of your friends with a unique custom made keyboard or tower of your very own

gaming keyboard

The Mechanical Thermaltake 900

thermaltake 900

Custom built towers for gaming. This Thermaltake 900 is work in progress. A complete one off for the ultimate gaming setup. Built in a steampunk / industrial style this is one awesome gaming tower case ready to be fitted with its motherboard and cooling systems


Selection of entry level gaming keyboards

steampunk art, keyboard
JCB keyboard
steampunk keyboard

The Revolutionary Keyboard

Classic styled gaming keyboard

gaming keyboard
vintage keyboard

Vintage / Steampunk styled keyboard

Super fast action with this USB keyboard

Red LED back-light

Its a dream to use

Real brass palm support

Vintage wooden end sections

Bronze keypads and copper space bar

A higher end custom built keyboard

A real pleasure to use 

steampunk keyboard
steampunk keyboard

The workstation 

gaming pc

The Semi-conductor Keyboard

stempunk keyboard

Bluetooth copper keyboard. The semiconductor. 

Raised keypads on this great cost effective keyboard.

Great action, smooth and fast operation

JCB keyboard

How to order one of this awesome keyboards

Its easy

You can order direct from here or visit our Etsy shop.

Many in stock just waiting to be enjoyed

Custom made units

Contact us for the best unique keyboarding experience

The Coblot Keyboard


The Cobolt Keyboard


Another super awesome keyboard to add to your gaming pc

gaming mice


5500dpi 7 button custom built gaming mouse


Other languages and patterns also available

French, Spanish and many more available

gaming mouse, 5500dpi

Many other styles available for stock or built to order

steampunk keyboard
steampunk setup

Ultimate gaming keyboards

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