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The Workshop Warrior 1912

Warrior built as a Naval vessel in 1912. Not only did Warrior serve as a defense vessel in WW1, she also served in WW2 as well as the Dunkirk Evacuation of 1940 

Today Warrior is based in Europe

A fully functional vessel that serves now as a studio for Custom Retro Design

Warrior is not just a small ship, its part of history

The Saloon of MV Warrior

Custom Retro Design is a floating studio. A unique workshop as its based upon the water inside a classic / historic vessel that not only served in both world wars, but also took part in the Dunkirk Evacuation of 1940. It is where the unique "Retro Technology" is design for each individual client as a complete “one off”

The Warrior Workshop

Hidden inside Warrior are various cabins, service rooms and the engine room. One cabin is now a fully working studio. It is here that those creations are designed, With inspiration from such a unique vessel to help inspire in building these one off designs.

The vessel is very much as she was 107 years ago. The battleship grey has gone, replaced with white and varnished wood, However the interior is fitted out with brass lights, old fashion switches, beautiful wooden fittings and more. Built in an industrial time, Warrior is fitting to continue being used as a cruise boat as well as a completely unique studio

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